+Confidence works responsive: co-operative and complementary, based on contact and trust, with a creative attitude of mind, an eye for possibilities, qualities and strong points. From this perspective we contribute to natural and fitting solutions for problems, as they present themselves. We work methodically. Our way of working is based in many years of research into, and experience with developing people, organisations and policies.

  1. We make an inventory of needs, possibilities and expectations of different internal and external stakeholders, and collectively determine a shared and realistic goal.
  2. Together we analyse the situation, determine the core of the problem and find the solution contained in it.
  3. We determine strong points, strenghts and possibilities that are already there, analyse how these can be expanded, and what else is needed to achieve the desired situation and better results.
  4. We make a plan with the following elements:
    - What happens already?
    - What can you do yourself?
    - What support can we offer?
    - What results will we achieve together?


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