+Confidence :

  • has extensive experience in policy, management, research and methods
  • is social entrepreneurship with ideals: freedom, responsibility, trust, connect, empower
  • has a flexible form: a foundation for activities with a public aim, (inter)national co-operation and exchange, and a private company for specific commissioning and for challenges in which entrepreneurship is important.
  • offers International experience and local practices
  • is a partner that aims to strengthen you to the point at which we are no longer needed
  • offers an extensive, international network of experts in their fields


Rechter content: 

Driving force behind +Confidence is Henk Spies. We combine extensive experience in policy, management, research and methods, both in The Netherlands and internationally. Our key values are freedom, responsibility, trust, connecting and strengthening. We aim for sustainable results by connecting our success to your success, by expanding your own
strength and, where needed, by offering temporary support.

Groene blokjes: 

+ = connect, strengthen
Aim = more responsibility and better performance
Means = equal co-operation, inspiration

Responsive (adjective):
1. answering, replying or responding
2. able to receive and respond to external stimuli
3. receptive to and aware of the feelings of others